A Minority-Owned Certified Company

GameMop™, a certified minority-owned company, is the #1 sports mop on the market. It is already in use by a number of NBA, NCAA and High School basketball teams. This product was developed to provide dual purposes.

Gamemop™ was first introduced to the market by the creators of No Sweat Wipe. In 2003, Game Mop’s innovative concept as a safety product which also generates revenue became the first sport marketing mop on NBA courts in its 50 year history.  Gamemop™ is also the first mop in the world tested and approved by the International Basketball Federation “FIBA” Study Center.

Best Court Mop

The unique design is the best available mop for cleaning perspiration and moisture off your court surface. The 2 foot circular mop comes with a industrial strength handle, quick change cleaning pads and overlay discs.

Shop Gamemop™

Over $1.6 Million in Ad Sales for Clients

The Gamemop™ is a dynamic, advertising medium for sponsors to display their products for millions of diverse fans to view throughout the game. The Gamemop™ disc shows sponsors a way to be affiliated with professional teams, scholastic teams, local clubs and national organizations and in turn can provide national and international advertising exposure at all levels.

Sponsor Advertising

Gamemop™ also offers sponsors a way to become part of the fabric of America’s most popular game. The unique overlay disc allows you to digitize your sponsor’s or team logo on the disc. Corporate partners now have an additional opportunity to be seen on the court floor.

The Gamemop™ provides teams with additional revenue by promotional advertising.

Product Visibility

Team logo and advertisers’ logo visible throughout the entire game.

Product Appearance

Completes the last order of cosmetics on the court.

Product Uniqueness

Visibility of moving advertisement draws attention of the spectator.